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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Please fill out this easy survey for a reader of bassoon blog!

I received a request from a bassoon blog reader today who asked if I would post this online survey.  The author of the survey is a college student who is completing a research project about the use of machines in reed making.  Please fill out the form and submit it to help our fellow bassoonist!  I've pasted the form below just so you can take a quick look at it, but in order to actually submit your results, please use this google spreadsheet link.  Thank you!

I am saving time using some kind of machines.

I can make personal adjustment.

I am saving money.

I can achieve better quality than buying ready cane.

I do not know how to use the machines.

I do not know how to adjust machines.

I do not have time for making canes.

I can not afford buying machines.

I can not achieve same quality like ready cane.



bassoon said...

I tried to submit the form on your Blog Betsy but it doesn't take it. Redid the form from the link to the person's actual survey in your first paragraph and that does let me submit! Just want to save others a bit of time.

B.S. said...

Thank you! I'll add that bit of information to the post.