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Friday, August 5, 2011

An Evening of Bassoonery live streaming here Saturday night!

Tomorrow night Los Angeles-based  Machine Project  is presenting An Evening of Bassoonery featuring Archie Carey in a performance of brand new music for bassoon.  The audience will be treated to microtonal bassoon, electric bassoon, prepared bassoon and more.  And guess what - you're invited!  The performance will be live streaming via, and the live feed is embedded right here on bassoon blog, in the right-hand  margin.  Just visit  this blog tomorrow (Saturday) at 8pm PDT (11pm EDT) and enjoy the concert!  Thank you, Machine Project, for offering the live feed to bassoon blog.

a sign which says about machine project
What exactly is Machine Project, anyway?  According to its website, Machine Project is:

1) a storefront space in the echo park neighborhood of Los Angeles that hosts events about all kinds of things we find interesting – scientific talks, poetry readings, musical performances, competitions, group naps, cheese tastings and so forth. We usually do about two events a week, open to the general public and free of charge. Usually at 8pm. Information on upcoming events can be found on our future page.

2) an informal educational institution located in the the same storefront space as mentioned above. We teach all kinds of things we find interesting – electronics, sewing, pickling, computer programming, car theft and so forth. We usually have one or two class going a week, open to the public for a fee by pre-registration. Information on upcoming classes can be found on our classes page.

3) a loose group of artist/performer collaborators, who do projects together when invited by other people and institutions, usually museums. We’re currently working on something with the Walker Museum in Minneapolis for July of 2011. Information on special projects can be found on our projects page.

Intriguing, no?  Here are the specifics of tomorrow's concert:

An Evening of Bassoonery

Saturday, August 6th, 2011
8pm PST   (Find out what time in your zone = 8pm PST using this link )

Performer/Composer Archie Carey presents an evening of brand new music for the bassoon. There will be works by LA composer/vocalist Odeya Nini, NY composer/bassoonist Katherine Young, and Archie Carey himself. Look forward to hearing microtonal bassoon, electric bassoon, prepared bassoon and more. Prepare yourself, or come unprepared for double reed debauchery!

Archie Carey is a musician based in the Los Angeles area who enjoys performing music from baroque to free jazz to folk to metal and everything in between. As a bassoonist/sound artist he has had the opportunity to play in many great places and spaces throughout the world including Symphony Space, Pieter PASD, Carnegie Hall, REDCAT, Zipper Hall and beyond. As a composer Archie aims to magnify sound, pitch, timbre, and environment to make the subtlest details a point of focus, achieved by using long durations, minimal pitch content, and contrasts between extremely high volumes and silence. In solo work and in collaboration with dance and film he has been experimenting with field recording, analog electronics, aspects of performance art and often times combinations of all three. (usually with a bassoon in at least one hand).

Bassoon blog supports innovation, and here you have it, in spades!   Enjoy the stream!



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Last pic=it's a didgeridoo!

B.S. said...

You're right, Tina! (I should find a way to tie this in with my circular breathing post.)

Tina B. said...

Brilliant. :)