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Sunday, August 7, 2011

In case you missed Archie Carey's Evening of Bassoonery

Many of us bassoonists were disappointed that the live stream of Archie Carey's "An Evening of Bassoonery" apparently malfunctioned last night!  That's OK - it happens.  Meanwhile, here's a sampling of Archie Carey's work:

The Organism from Archie C on Vimeo.     
Autumn Moon Phase Cover Art


DTclarinet said...

How did it go? (the streaming)

B.S. said...

The streaming did not work. I am hoping to post a video of the concert when it becomes available!


Archie Carey said...

Hi Betsy !
Thanks so much for your support
The concert went well, and I'm starting to post some videos one by one. There's a new one on my site of a piece for bassoon and vacuum!


B.S. said...

Thanks, Archie! I'm glad that more videos are being posted, to show bassoonists the unlimited possibilities for adventurous performers. Keep up the great work!