Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Looking for a Summer Festival?

Here's one to check out! The Philadelphia International Music Festival (PIMF) offers a series of classical music programming to students of all ages and skill levels in the United States and around the world, creating the unique opportunity of spending fourteen days immersed in music education and performance with members of the esteemed Philadelphia Orchestra.

PIMF includes four program options: orchestral studies, solo performance studies, college audition preparation, and piano studies for pre-college students (information available at, as well as a separate program for college students and young professionals (information available at: All programs include private lessons and master classes with members of The Philadelphia Orchestra (including principal players), solo performance and competition opportunities, chamber music, daily private practice, optional daily music study courses, faculty recitals featuring principal players from The Philadelphia Orchestra, and more. Contact their office for further details at: 856.875.6816

There are still openings for students of all ages and skill levels!




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