Friday, May 20, 2011

New work for bassoon by Kohei Kondo

One of the many benefits I've experienced from maintaining this blog is that I receive fascinating and informative emails from bassoonists and composers from all over the world.  Recently I heard from Japanese composer Kohei Kondo (check out his website here) who lives in the west part of Japan, in Hyogo Prefecture.  He reports that following the earthquake in East Japan, he composed a work in memory of the victims of the earthquake and nuclear reactors.  It is written for solo bassoon, entitled Prayer on the Seashore, Op. 121.

Here is a recording of bassoonist Robert Ronnes of Norway performing the world premiere of Prayer on the Seashore:

The PDF is available for downloading on Kohei Kondo's website.  Although the composer has arranged the piece for other instruments, its haunting, pensive quality is particularly well-suited for the bassoon, for which it was originally written. 

 Mr. Kondo encourages us to perform his piece.  Music plays a healing role in tragedy, as was so remarkably evidenced by the countless concerts which took place in the aftermath of 9/11.  Mr. Kondo mentioned in his emails how grateful Japan is for the worldwide support following the disaster.  His composition offers us (and our audiences) a meaningful way to acknowledge what the Japanese people have endured. 

When you visit Kohei Kondo's website, be sure to notice his Quartet for Flute, Bassoon, Violin and Cello "Where the Ocean Current Passes 2" Op. 102.  (Its PDF is also available for downloading.)  This piece was a prize winner in the 2010 "Kland der Welt - Ostasien" composing competition of Duetsche Oper Berlin.

Mr. Kondo requests that we inform him by email at if we perform one of his works, and I predict that many of us will!


Jesse said...

I have recently run across your blog and am enjoying all its aspects! I am connecting it to my students, and following many of your interesting links. I have already discovered Robert Rønnes, played several of his works and others promoted by him. I appreciate your orchestra comments, they are very useful for the aspiring student. Keep up the good work, positive comments, etc.
The topic of the downward spiral of orchestas, orchestral interest, cultural support, etc, is a big topic, and needs more honest and direct discussion. It is great that Columbus has revived in such a healthy manner.

Best regards,
Jesse Read

B.S. said...

Dear Jesse,

Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I am enjoying your links. In fact, you gave me an idea for future posts - you'll see soon!


Kohei KONDO said...

Thank you for introducing my new work.
3rd June,at the Wroclaw Opera Foyer in International Richard Wagner Congresses,Polish Bassoonist Mr.Dariusz Bator plays this piece.
12 June ・ 19:00 - 20:30 at Temple Baptist Church,,Lodi,CA USA,Mr Benjamin Opp plays this piece.